"When you build a house, every brick counts, when you build a character, every thought counts". The winners of the 21st century will be those who can transform their organization into something that more resemble a jeep-on all wheel drive, all terrain vehicle that is lean, mean and highly maneuverable. The need of the hour is thinking leaders, thinking teachers and thinking students. Therefore, we at KGI put in all possible efforts to create the learning environment that us nearer to our goal.

Someone has rightly said that the foundation of every state is the education of its youth. Education is thus the most important constituent of mind to make life tolerable and the acquisition of skill for making it possible.

The strength of a Nation lies more in the quality of its people than in its material. Education is the passport to upward mobility. As India emerges a leading knowledge power, student's thirst for education has become unquenchable. KGI is committed to such development of its citizens.

Emphasis is laid on the blending of modernity with tradition. Actually we mould the future. KGI encourages healthy competition to enable our students to find a place in today's competitive world.

Hence sharing of knowledge in different fields of study is our strength and not confining the students to academics only. KGI inspires the students not only to dream of a successful and rewarding future but also to translate them into reality.