The KALKA GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS in India combines a unique blend of Education at various levels and in variety of disciplines. This institute, fall into various categories- School, College of Professional Studies Information Technologies, Pharmacy, Medical, Dental College and Hospital. All are managed by "Kalka Educational Society" established in 1974. The aims and objectives of the society is to provide quality and value based education purely on philanthropic grounds. Right from its inception the society has kept its motto of "knowledge to Perfection" alive, and strive for excellence, its first and foremost priority. It also aims to provide outstanding teaching resources for all round academic, intellectual, social, cultural, physical, emotional and spiritual development through a well developed curriculum, also to impart right values and moral standards. It also aims to provide a caring environment in which every individual student has a place,, to develop leadership qualities, spirit of adventure and enjoying, self reliance and self esteem.

The institution and home together are the torch bearers of tradition and education. This is applicable to a great extent, in today's highly modern society, marked by technological advancement and economic development. We as parents and teachers have been assigned the responsibility and wonderful task of imparting education to our future generations so that they not only carry forward the torch of our tradition, but also adapt to new situation, changing times and become responsible citizens of this world.